Consulting & Simulation

Every company is different. With our comprehensive consulting services, we cooperate with you to find the optimum solution which we then implement successfully.

At TYA Solutions, we rely on personal interaction between ourselves and our customers to ensure the best product and system solution be provided in the end. From the start of any project, our project managers keep in constant contact with the customer, as well as our engineering department, along every step of the process.


The best material flow systems can only be as good as the people who operate them. Appropriate training of your personnel is vital in order to ensure not only effective operation, but also the reliability of your system. A central aspect here is the ability to detect and eliminate many problems internally, which leads to a reduction in downtimes and seamless operation. Additionally, regular checks and optimum service are fundamental prerequisites for the fault-free function and optimum use of the material flow system – also after many years. The company’s own customer and training centre offers the best preconditions for further development in this regard.

Spare Parts

In order to guarantee the availability of the material flow system on a long-term basis, we recommend original GEBHARDT spare parts. Be it from the spare parts package on the customer’s site or directly ex works, GEBHARDT original spare parts are extensively available. Right from service acceptance onwards you will receive professional advice and the rapid supply of spare parts will be initiated. Due to our high vertical range of manufacture and large stock inventory, spare parts – even for older machines – are quickly available.


In order to prevent standstills and downtimes, inspections, regular maintenance and well trained personnel are indispensable. Maintenance work occupies a special position here:

It is the most important component for the optimum configuration of the utilization timeframe and for the operating assurance of systems.

In the first instance the relevant components of your system are monitored remotely by us and the functionality of the system is checked. An efficient measure through which to guarantee system assurance and prevent malfunctions. Furthermore, in this way we also bring your system’s software right up-to-date.

In the second instance, we maintain your system at fixed intervals – in line with the calculated parameters, which arise due to the duration and frequency of use of the system.

The right choice in any case.


Sometimes it is simply worthwhile rejuvenating the tried and tested, in order to be well equipped for the future. The TYA modernization concept deals precisely with this: Advantages of the existing system are analyzed, available logistics processes are utilized and concepts are generated, in order that your system can offer the requisite performance and availability. Rapid modification times and minimal effects on your production and logistics processes constitute the main aim of TYA


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