Who We Are

We are experts in the analysis, design, implementation and support of the life cycle of automated distribution centers, order fulfillment centers and warehouses with demonstrable competence in software, engineering and systems development. We build intralogistics systems.

Our History

Due to the expertise acquired serving the Material Handling Industry during 11 years and the need to grow, TYA Solutions was formed and has been serving the industry since 2012. Our primary office is located in Monterrey, N.L.

Our Services

We specialize in integrating the flow of information with the flow of material goods through an elegant combination of material handling and information processing technologies that increase operational productivity for distribution centers, order fulfillment centers and warehouse operations.

Our Values

We have a single, simple purpose – to serve customers well.

This is at the core of our ambition to build a systems integrator known for its consistent, high quality customer service.

Automating end of lines since 2012.

We collaborate close with our customer and partners evaluating different alternatives, offering the best solution in the market that meet or exceeds your material handling needs, from spare parts, individual equipment up to conveyors and automation systems, focusing on ergonomics, reliability, green technologies, space savings, improving productivity and having a quick return on investment.

We Offer The Best Solution in Intralogistic.


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