We provide logistics solutions to all key sectors

Today, in particular, it is necessary to integrate time-saving technologies into everyday work. TYA Solutions offers you the optimum solution for your individual requirement in every area of internal material flow technology – starting with incoming goods, which precedes every other internal transport, storage and goods picking process. Furthermore, perfect solutions are available when it comes to optimal storage. If too much capital is contained in goods in storage, it is difficult for a company to earn money. However, there are a number of possibilities for storing goods in an economical manner, whilst also attaining high throughput quotas. Be it a transfer depot, stock storage or distribution warehouse – optimal storage of goods, unpackaged or packaged in boxes, pallets or containers is essential in guaranteeing a seamless material flow. When it comes to suitable order picking solutions, the requisite items for an order – be it a production or customer order – are put together as required, readied for dispatch or for the manufacture of a product. It is also possible to provide the perfect conveyance system solution, which – with a range of modules such as accumulating conveyors, roller conveyors, belt conveyors, lifting and transfer devices – are so vital to the seamless flow of materials between incoming and outgoing goods. So-called distribution and sorting technologies are highly advantageous if goods with varying configurations are to be sorted according to certain criteria. This means that previously unsorted goods can be separated on the basis of previously defined criteria by a sorting system. Alongside incoming goods it is also possible to support the material flow of outgoing goods. In order to be able to guarantee speedier dispatch times it is possible for materials from various areas, which are intended for a single order, to be brought together by means of suitable material flow technology. One component that supports this order consolidation is so-called buffer storage. Technological support is indispensible in ensuring efficient and rapid dispatch processing. A procedure that encompasses components of material flow technology accelerates the processing of all dispatch units and also reduces the associated costs.

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